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A Personal Welcome from me, Russ Smith.

It was Ironman Vichy for me in 2016, Challenge Roth in 2018 and now it's Ironman Italy in 2019...

Have you started planning your 2019 races yet? 

If your answer is no, now's the time to start thinking about pressing the race button and getting that big email back! 

You know the one that gives you butterflies, makes you take a deep breath, and questions what you have done, maybe not for the first time as well!

And then once the nerves have disappeared, how about starting to formulate a training plan?

And I know your time is valuable so I've created five very short 2 min videos showing you how to structure your season and lead you to your A-Race.

And if your a little lost getting started, I've included a 30-Day Post Season training plan to help you out as well.   

Happy Training, here's to the 2019 season! 
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