Jacques, Swim Smooth CI Member

SS really helped develop and refine what skills I already had.

Swim Smooth is a fantastic way to take what was learned in the pool and put it into practise come race day. 

I never genuinely believed I would ever hit a sub 1hr IronMan swim time so to have now achieved I'm super proud and I have to say it's all credit to my coach Russ and Swim Smooth"

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Full HD Filming 
Have your stroke filmed in all it's glory above and below the water from a range of comprehensive angles to best I.D where your issues lie
Video Analysis 
An in-depth 20-30 minute recorded review of your stroke will ensue and highlight exactly what issues you face and more importantly, how to correct them
Stroke Correction
Picking out faults is a relatively simple task, knowing how to correct those faults in the most effective and time-efficient way is what sets your coach apart and will ensure a great result for you
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